An ADF Nine Virtues Bead Devotional

(version 1.0 — a work in progress)

In August of 2005, Sisters had an arts day making various prayer beads. One of the sets I made was to be for morning or “beginning-of-the-day”* prayers based on the nine virtues found in Ar ’nDriaocht Fein's dedicant’s program.

The Beads

My set of beads started with an bead of an owl with outstretched wings, which symbolizes me; one of my primary “power” animals is the snowy owl. There a bead from one of three Patron Deities, Arianrhod and three beads for the first set of virtues, wisdom, piety and vision. Following three spacer beads (for the three drops of awen), I have a bead for another of my Patron Deities, Taranis and three more beads for the second set of virtues, courage, integrity and perseverence. Following another group of three spacer beads, there is a bead for my third Patron Deity, Sulis, and three beads for the last set of virtues, hospitality, moderation and fertility.

The "Arianrhod" bead was dark blue with gold speckles symbolizing the night sky; the "Taranis" bead is storm grey and white; and the "Sulis" bead is clear, representing both clear light and clear water.

I chose the virtues beads from what I had available and would like to replace them with beads that more closely symbolize the virtue it represents. Nonetheless, I tried to match the bead with the concept as much as possible: wisdom is symbolized by a white bead, piety by a rose quartz bead that rerpresents the compassion and love I feel from the Deities and the love I bear Them; vision, by a clear bead; courage, by a red bead; integrity by a blue bead (in the sense of being “true blue”); hospitality by a deep red bead; moderation by a tiger's eye bead (dark and light in harmony) and fertilty with a white bead with gold sparkles. Also, I still need to find an appropriate terminal bead and will probably restring this set when I do.

The Prayers

Owl Bead:

Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Shining Ones, I greet you and welcome you. May I live this day in such a way that I may honor you.

Arianrhod Bead:

Queen of the Stars, Mistress of Night, …

Wisdom Bead:

This day, may I perceive clearly and judge appropriately.

Piety Bead:

This day, may I never forget my duties to you all and may I joyfully serve you.

Vision Bead:

This day, may I see clearly what is, what has been and what may be.

Taranis Bead:

Lord of Thunder, Turner of the Wheel, Mighty One …

Courage Bead:

This day, may I face my fears with strength and determination.

Integrity Bead:

This day, may I learn the Truth, uphold the Truth and defend the Truth.

Perseverance Bead:

This day, may I journey steadily toward my goals, no matter how hard the path.

Sulis Bead:

Shining One, Queen of the Waters of the Sun, Inspirer …

Hospitality Bead:

This day, may I have a welcoming home and a generous heart.

Moderation Bead:

This day, may I find the happy medium appropriate to every circumstance.

Fertility Bead:

This day, may I be creative in all my endeavors and invite the blessing of awen in my life. This day, may I truly taste of the five streams of the senses that are ever present around me.


Blessed Patrons, I give my thanks for your blessings and lessons, your gifts and your challenges.

*It has been said that the ancient Celts considered sunset to be the beginning of the day. I have much more time for prayers when I get home from work than I have in the morning, so I have adopted sunset as the beginning of my day.