Beltain 1999 Planetary Divination

This Beltain, we honored the powers of Air through invoking the presence of the Hawk of May and the Swan and through a meditation that encouraged us to get a bird's eye view the state of our world and what we could do to aid Mother Earth. The meditation led us into the tarot divination below.



Keys to Interpreting the Positions

The state of our world

  1.  Land
  2.  Sea
  3.  Sky

The past foundation: how our world got to this point

  4.  Environmental factors
  5.  Evolutionary factors
  6.  Political factors
  7.  Social factors
  8.  Spiritual factors

Future energies and influences our world will receive

  9.  Environmental energies
10.  Evolutionary energies
11.  Political energies
12.  Social energies
13.  Spiritual energies

What we can do as individuals to help our world

14.  Individual contributions (number of cards = number of participants)