Recommended Reading:
An Annotated Bibliography

We have found these books and web sites to have been especially useful for our spiritual growth and which we would like to share with you. This list is by no means complete; we hope to be adding to it as we discover and evaluate more sources.

We have tried to be as complete as possible with the entries, but we were sometimes unable to find full publication data. Beneath many of the entries are brief comments by one or both of us (the initials of the commentator are at the end of each comment). Feel free to disagree.

We have occasionally included a book identification number called the ISBN with some of the listings. Please note that these numbers only apply to a single edition. Where there are both hard and soft cover versions of the same book, each book will have its own unique ISBN. The same is also true for revised editions, or editions printed by different printers.

The reviewers include Doreen Taylor (DT), Susan Reed (SR) and Lynne C. (LC).