Membership Inquiry for Sisters of the Silver Branch

Most of the questions below cannot be adequately answered with one or two sentences, so please take your time and give thoughtful and specific responses to the questions.

Keep in mind that Sisters of the Silver Branch meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month in Northern Virginia. Members are expected to attend meetings regularly. If you live outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, please consider how much travel time you are willing to commnit to for each meeting.

Your name:

Your e-mail address:


How do you define "Pagan"? How long have you considered yourself “Pagan”?

What is your concept of Deity or Divine Presence(s)?
Are you a polytheist, a pantheist, a panentheist, and/or a monotheist and why?

Have you been involved with a group before? If so, what kind of experience(s) did you have and what did you learn from it (them)?

What sources have you used to get the knowledge you have now? If you have gained much of your current knowledge from books, which ones have you used? Which ones did you like or were particularly influenced by? Which ones didn’t you like? Why? Of your other sources of information, which ones taught you the most?

What are you looking for in a Pagan group? Why did Sisters of the Silver Branch appeal to you? What do you want to get from being a member of Sisters of the Silver Branch?

What do you have to offer to the Sisters of the Silver Branch?

What are some of your interests that relate to Neo-Pagan religions (for example, mythology, Tarot, ritual creation, herbs, etc.)?

Any other comments or questions?